Leaps and Bounds

My dear friend, on an incredible journey, shares the most recent update on her husband. It is amazing to see the way God moves in and through our lives. So thankful!


Our days continue to get better in increments. Sometimes the increments are very big. Sometimes very small. But the trend is an upward one and for that, we are thankful.  Heath starts occupational therapy today and he actually wondered aloud this morning if he really needs it. His clarity of thought has improved tremendously, but there are still some deficits, especially with language processing. He’s also struggling a bit with critical thinking, so these will be areas that the therapist will work with him…I hope.  


His medication schedule is also getting a whole lot easier to manage. He’s off of pain medicine completely. I’m astonished by this. Being free from pain and the medications to address it mean he’s been able to stop a couple other medicines, too, which were prescribed to counteract the side effects of the pain meds. Those of who who have taken narcotics for…

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