My mother-in-law rallied for several months after I originally blogged this post. Nathan was able to return to Alaska over the summer and spent a wonderful week with his dear mom. This morning, she awoke in the presence of the Lord Jesus, her Savior, whom she served so very faithfully throughout her lifetime, touching so many with her kindness and love. We do not grieve as those who are without hope. She is with her Creator and Savior, and we are thankful for the hope that we have in Him.


My husband is on his way to Alaska to be with his mother and family. It is apparently time for her to be with Jesus in the heavenlies. My mother-in-law has been a tremendous light to so many people during her lifetime, and I know that while there will be earthly sorrow when she dies, there will also be great rejoicing over a life that has been well-spent.

My husband was born and raised in Nome, Alaska. His parents were missionaries to the Eskimos for many, many years, faithfully serving the Lord Jesus in a place that so few would dare to call home. Among the many ministries in which this couple served in Nome was the Cocoa House. The Cocoa House was an after-school program filled with love, Bible stories, games…and hot cocoa. Mrs. B was always there with a smile and encouraging word for the children who visited…

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  1. We prayed for you all at dinner tonight; especially our little E was pretty serious. She takes these types of things to heart, and I know she and P both love Nathan. His mom’s legacy lives on in him and his ministry to the little ones in our Assembly. Blessings and peace to you all!

    • Oh Susan, thank you all so very much! Those precious little prayers are such honest and tender ones, and are so very special! He just loves his little class of tender shoots! He will be leaving tomorrow and returning next Sunday afternoon. We will miss him so much, but are so thankful that he will be with his brothers and sisters. Thanks for your prayers, we will miss our Papa here, believe me!

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