It’s Hammer Time

Awwww…so cute. NOT!!!

Ok, I have a bone to pick with toy manufacturers. Actually, probably a whole skeleton of bones…

Someone PLEASE tell me why hammers are considered an appropriate “toy” for children? In their product research and development, do these manufacturers even CONSIDER alternative uses for their products? You know what I mean…the same way pharmaceutical companies discover alternative uses for aspirin (headaches, flu, HEART ATTACKS) or anti-depressants? Do the companies not even consider that children have HEADS, houses have WINDOWS…that all seem to attract hammers??? And WHY would you ever engineer a toy to make a really awesome noise when you hit your buddy on the head???

How about baseball bats? Why on earth would anyone approve PLASTIC bats for children? And do you think these kids read the warning labels???

Golf clubs? Shouldn’t the word “clubs” serve as a subtle clue that MAYBE THE KID WILL CLUB SOMETHING ELSE??? DO YOU PEOPLE NEVER WATCH ‘AMERICA’S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS’??? My little buddies do…it should be rated MA for Mature Audiences only…these kids don’t even have to TRY to come up with alternative ways of playing with their toys!!!

Let me just say, THERE ARE NO SAFE TOYS! Even books are flying missiles. Foam balls are choking hazards, sand boxes? Let’s just say some of that sand will never see the light of day again. Xylophones with strings??? They have a battering ram for a mallet…

The Velcro Wall is about to become a reality, folks…please don’t report me.


8 thoughts on “It’s Hammer Time

  1. So funny and so true,but I find my grandson improvising anything for a hammer.It could be a spoon, a barbie of his sisters,or even a chicken bone.You made me laugh.

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