Saying Grace

Tonight we went to my parent’s house. Be assured, there is always a LOT of laughter and story telling. And tonight was no exception.

My parents have had a broad experience of living, from boot camp missionary training to dissecting cockroaches and cats in our kitchen…I know. Gross.

My daughter and son-in-law came with my GRANDSON for the long weekend, and Janielle came upon my father’s old single shot shotgun. After a few jokes, the storytelling began.

Apparently my mother once accompanied my father squirrel hunting in the past. Only once–it seems the gutting and cleaning of the critter was more than she wanted to experience again. However, I am still a bit confused because she subsequently went to nursing school and brought her cat cadaver home for dissection during her Anatomy and Physiology class. She stored it in our freezer. It drove our living cat crazy. I am serious.

My son-in-law likes to pheasant hunt. He believes it is less boring than sitting in a tree stand or squatting in a blind.  Somehow, chasing a bird is easier for his ADHD personality.

My father was reminded of a true story from his younger years involving a ring-necked pheasant. (At this point, Ben noted that those pheasants were an invasive species from China. I just love all the little learning opportunities…) It seems my father had four friends (missionary training candidates) who went out riding in a car one Sunday.

Nothing newsworthy there.

As they drove, a ring-necked pheasant came into the open. One of the passengers grabbed his rifle and shot the bird dead.

Nothing particularly newsworthy here either except that it was 1) against the law to hunt on Sundays back then; 2) no one had a hunting license; and, 3) it was against the law to shoot a gun from the interior of a vehicle.

I think we have now gotten into the newsworthy part of the story.

So these friends cleaned and cooked the bird and sat down to eat. One guy asked another one to ask the blessing on their illegally gotten gain. He declined. One by one, they all declined to pray.

What a dilemma. What to do? What to do???

Finally, they sang “Amazing Grace” and ate their dinner.


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