Heard around the horn today…

Froglegs said, “Bam Bam and Australia should get married.”

My question ‘why’ was met with “because they’re the same age and they’re both chunky.”

I am so glad to have that cleared up, because I always wondered how people knew who they were to marry. Ahhhh, if it only were that simple. And, apparently since Papa and I are ALREADY married, we are allowed to stay married, even though Papa is older than me. Taller than me. And thin. Thanks, Froglegs, for the permission to remain married.

Dancing eyes, stretched flat out between two bar stools, invited everyone to crawl across him since he was a bridge.

“I won’t fall down. I promise,” he assured them. Even though they all outweighed him by several pounds and there was a huge pile of pillows beneath the chasm spanned by his little body.

Following their shower, Curly Top informed us she had taken a “tower.” And it was nice and wet. Well, that was a relief! She assured us that she had enjoyed her “tower” very much.

Following Dancing Eyes’ shower, he stated, “My head is hard like a rock.”

Ummmmm, seriously, that is the truest thing anyone said all day.


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