Dancing Eyes Makes a Promise

So, life with growing children means they begin to grasp more “adult” concepts. Like…planning ahead (like 5 seconds before they wet their pants), or understanding that we don’t always have enough money to buy everything that we want (no, money doesn’t grow on trees). I know you know what I’m talking about.

So, imagine my surprise when Dancing Eyes came inside and said, “I ONLY want an iPad!”

i am SO excited!

I could tell this conversation had the makings of being blog-worthy.

A few questions popped into my head, such as HOW does he even KNOW about iPads?

So I pushed him a little. I said that I wanted an iPad, too. And an iPod and an iPhone.

Dancing Eyes replied, “They have them at Target, Nana.”

these kids LOVE Target

“Well, go buy them for me!” I replied.

“Nana, I don’t know how to drive!”

I laughed. We ALL laughed. He was so sincere in trying not to make me look like I was an alien from some other planet who actually thought he could drive.

But the kicker came when his mommy asked him how much money he had.

“Zero dollars,” was his reply.

So then I had to ask, “Well, how am I going to get my iPad, then?”

“You mean, MY iPad and YOUR iPad and Papa’s iPad?” he queried.


“Welllllll, Mom can buy them for us.” I uttered a sigh of relief. For a minute there I thought I would be saddled with the purchase. Fortunately for ME, my daughter is on the hook for not just one, but THREE iPads. AND, thanks to the generosity of Dancing Eyes, his mommy gets to buy the iPhone and the iPod for me.

I am sooooooo excited. I hardly know what to say. I am honestly looking forward to more play time with technology!

I asked him WHEN I would be getting these awesome gifts.

“Well, you just have to kiss my sheek (that is how he says it…so cute) and then you can have them.”

So I kissed his “sheek”…and now I am waiting. (How long do you suppose I will be waiting?)

Is it wrong of me to believe my daughter would honor her son’s promise?

Alas, when I inquired as to the delivery of my gifts, she replied, “Ummm that would be never, or when the blue moon shines.”

going to check the Farmer’s Almanac

Is there a blue moon this week? Anytime? I really do want an iPad. Switching cell companies is such a hassle, so I will compromise and skip the iPhone. But…isn’t a promise a promise???



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