The One Wipe Poopie Diaper Change

How good are you at assessing how many wipes it will take for a messy diaper change? I WOULD ask how well your husband does at it, but after all these years of practice, my husband THINKS he is good at it. He’s not. He stinks at it. But that’s ok, even if he never perfects his technique, he’ll survive. And so will the kids.

But I digress yet again…

So Vesuvius uses cloth diapers. They are not the old fashioned kind with pins. They are actually pretty cool. Moisture-proof barrier on the outside with a pouch to slip the liners in…as many as you think the little guy will need without soaking his clothes every time.

While those cloth diapers are pretty cool for the innocent pee pee routine, it can be a little rough with the other kind. Did you ever stop to think that disposable diapers work because they absorb the liquid and draw it all inside the mystery goo? Same thing for the poopie diapers…they absorb all the liquid leaving, well I am sure you all know what they leave behind. 😉

The beauty of the cloth diapers is that I send them home for cleaning. Poor mom and dad, you say? Well, it isn’t just the diapers that have come a long way, baby. Apparently you can get a hose-like doo-hickey that is attached to the toilet for spraying the remains of the day down the toilet. Seriously. I am NOT MAKING THIS UP!!! I had never heard of such a thing either. Check it out here.

The Ultimate In Cloth Diaper Cleanup 🙂

So I am also babysitting a little, tiny, adorable, miniature, tea-cup sized baby girl. We will call her Cookie. At almost 8 months, Cookie still wears size 1 disposable diapers, and 3 month clothing. She is totally developmentally appropriate for her age. She is just very petite.

Except for her poopies. They are not petite. And her size 1 diapers are failing. Big time. I lost count today at the number of wipes it took…her deposit left the depository in a super big way, but somehow her clothing stayed mostly clean. Don’t ask me how…I don’t know.

I can guarantee it was more than a 3-wipe clean up. In fact, if you think of the 1976 Olympics, that diaper could have rivaled Nadia’s perfect 10. And after cleaning her up, from stem to stern, I was left with ONE LONE WIPE.

Great. Just dandy great. And my refill stash…gone. All gone. So, just like the old-school cloth diapers, I guess I will be returning to the good old days before diaper wipes. You know, cloths with soap and water? Or I might just hose the little tushies with the hose, in the back yard. I am not a hoosier, you know. (As I sit on the deck on an old leather couch…)


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