Multi-tasking, right…

Even when you are mentally and spiritually engulfed in matters of true importance, somehow life just keeps rolling along. And although you may just be right in the midst of some tumult, there is that moment that still manages to reach way down inside and tickle your funny bone.

My house of cherubs is back to its normal hubbub. School is back in session and a sense of normalcy is descending slowly through the fog. Wait–the humidity.

We have had a respite from the blistering temperatures for several days this week, allowing us to spend a lot of time outside. One of the fun things for the kiddos is eating lunch on the deck.

I like them eating on the deck because my two furry friends, Joe Bear and Día are willing to clean up any spills, saving me from mopping up the floor.

As the kids grow older, they begin trying to mimic me. And apparently I am one super multi-tasker. As they master new skills, they are most anxious to try them out.

Like eating with a spoon or a fork…while rubbing your food into your hair for a deep conditioning treatment.

Thank you, Australia, for that lesson in how cheese sauce makes a great toner for your skin.

Bam Bam, you were the best example of how to dry up your runny nose with rice grains. Never would have come up with that one.

And Vesuvius–you continue to reign supreme for shoveling it in one end while it exits your diaper simultaneously. And I especially appreciate that it got Stephanie and Papa this time instead of me! Woo hoo for me!!! Although I got to clean you off. In the shower, thank you very much.

I am still trying to figure out exactly how to word what Curly Top does without grossing out all my readers. Suffice it to say, she has mastered potty training. She has mastered getting clothes on.

She has NOT mastered getting CLEAN clothes, nor getting HER clothes, nor KEEPING HER CLOTHES ON. She apparently is happiest when not wearing a single thing. Her favorite item of clothing today is a shirt she dug out of the hamper yesterday, wore off and on (literally) all day, then used it for her handkerchief, and then insisted on stripping off her lovely dress and wearing that filthy shirt today. Her multi-tasking expertise is the many ways to gross me out simultaneously. Don’t even ask.

So, multi-tasking may be the new great thing, but that really don’t impress me much (can’t you just hear Shania Twain???).

Stay tuned for more tales from my crib(s). They just keep coming…



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