Dancing Eyes, Froglegs-Toothless in St. Louis and Papa

After what seemed like an eternity, Papa arrived home safely late last night. After spending the last two days becoming intimately acquainted with the Sea-Tac airport, the ins and outs of flying stand-by, and the challenges of eating on a budget while stuck in a place that is known for gouging its patrons, he arrived safe and sound just before midnight.

I let out a sigh heard around the world when I saw him walk through the door. Relief.

The little people were all sleeping, so they didn’t know for sure if he was home when they awakened this morning. One by one they came up the stairs. I guided them  to the front door where they could look out and see Papa watering the garden.

Dancing Eyes was first. “Papa’s home?” he asked, softly.

He then went out the door and into Papa’s outstretched arms.

After a few minutes, the child formerly known as Sean, came up the stairs. {I realized a few weeks ago that this sweet boy did not have an official alias yet for my blog. How unfair! So…he has two, based on his developmentally appropriate statuses–frog legs and toothless in St. Louis. :)}

He went straight out the door, to be enveloped in some long, outstretched arms. There was Papa, holding two still sleepy, but very contented little boys.

Safe Haven

So, our world is turned right side up. And humor has rejoined my space in this universe.

Froglegs aka Toothless in St. Louis came inside and stood, looking out the door.

“Nana, I still recognized him. I did.”

Apparently, Papa was gone so long…


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