The back yard is almost done…

I think even I could do this planting area out of concrete blocks!

Renovation Inclination

A while back we posted a short video of one of the back patios going in. Well since then we’ve done a lot of work in the back.

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2 thoughts on “The back yard is almost done…

  1. Oh, to have a backyard like this one! Are you a part of Pinterest, Paula? I can’t help but go on once a week and “pin” a few pictures to my “Our Future Home” board. I desperately want a patio or backyard where I can put a chaise-lounge and curl up with a book in the mornings.

    Thanks for sharing these pictures!

    ~ Cara

    • Yes, I am on pinterest. and hometalk. and houzz. i only go on weekly, but then i really investigate. and do a lot of pinning. we are working on our house and garden, so i pin a lot of that for reminders of ideas i like.

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