America’s Next Top Model: Curly Top

Our resident diva is really going the extra mile these days. While her big brothers are still content to have their mom select their clothes each day, Curly Top has her own plan…

She begins each day in something…immediately after she awakens, she trades in her nighttime diaper for underwear and something new and “fashionable” like…a t-shirt that no longer fits her.

About five minutes after finally getting the shirt on with both arms through both sleeves, it’s time for her first mandatory wardrobe change…a new pair of her brother’s boxers. Not because she wet her pants, but…well…it’s just time for a change of color. Or pattern. Or superhero.

After fighting with her underwear, finally getting them on backwards and with both legs through ONE hole, she begins her tribal dance. Hollering and hopping in circles and flailing wildly.

I join in her dance and assist her in getting both legs through the appropriate holes and the tag on her backside.

“The tag goes on the butt,” she tells me. She also tells me that her poo poo goes in the potty, but that has absolutely no bearing on her actions in that regard.

A few minutes later she disappears only to reappear carrying a pair of her OWN little “boy short style” underwear and a dress. She successfully completes her wardrobe change independently.

She has managed to wear every single pair of her own underwear today. I think she has about 21 pair. She also wore at least 4-5 pair of her brothers’ underwear. When she ran out of clean ones, she started raiding the laundry. She seems to understand that one changes underwear daily. She just doesn’t understand that it is supposed to be ONLY ONE TIME DAILY!

And for a child who looks cute in her brothers’ boxers and briefs, she looks really adorable in all of her choices throughout the day. But honestly, she has more wardrobe changes than a highly paid runway model!

And just overheard during her last switch-out was one of her brothers yelling, “Run for your life! Vida!! Mom’s coming!!!”

I know. We laughed. And then one of her brothers decided to use a bra as a slingshot. You seriously cannot pay for this kind of entertainment. Oh wait…I do pay for it. I’m still laughing…


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