Naked Ladies

They get called a lot of different things…

Mystery Lilies

Surprise Lilies

Pink Ladies

Naked Ladies

But in all honesty, none of their names do them justice. In the Spring, when daffodils and other bulbs start shooting up their greenery, so do these lovely ladies. But if you are expecting flowers to follow immediately you will be so disappointed.

However, long after their foliage has died away and you’ve forgotten all about them, and the long hot days of the miserable Summer have taken control, you are greeted by these mysterious stems shooting through the ground with no leaves or foliage whatsoever.

And you get so excited! You try to remember just what those things were, and then you remember…

these shoots are about the same height as Curly Top

So as little Curly Top goes wandering through the garden, she breaks the neck of one of these beauties so she can savor its fragrance. And unsuccessfully attempts to put it back on…I almost cried.

But the blooms are so delicate and lovely, pink and blue and lavender…gorgeous…

Preparing to open…

With so many dying flowers from our drought and heat, the presence of these just gave us all a reminder of the beauty around us that we so easily ignore.


So, whether you call them Pink Ladies, Mystery Lilies or Naked Ladies, just make sure you appreciate their beauty, because it is here today and gone tomorrow!


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