That Girl is a Wee Bit Mixed Up

So we are in the throes of potty training Curly Top. She is doing a great job using the potty for her pee pee. Woo hoo! Not such an expert in the other area. But she does an awesome job hiding where it lands. There is a little problem, however.

She thinks she’s a boy.

don’t all princesses play soccer while dressed in their gowns?

I know…she also thinks she’s a princess.

who? Me???

She likes her fancy party dresses, her tutus and sparkly shoes. And the boys’ boxers and briefs with Thomas the Train and Spiderman and all the other super heroes…but I digress.

My crazy little granddaughter has brothers…and they have to take careful aim when they go pee pee. Ahem, there is a REASON for aiming with care. And it isn’t optional.

But my crazy girl thinks she needs to aim, too. She sits on the potty backwards, and aims. All over the back of the toilet. Ugh. So much for her older brothers setting an example for her to follow. Or maybe they actually DID…I see some retraining in their future.

But it could be so much worse…Australia, who has been away for the summer, apparently thinks she goes potty out of her belly button. I just don’t think she will be trained before she starts back with me in a few weeks. And that’s ok. One at a time is a lot easier to manage anyway.

So here I am, after all these years of training little people on the finer points of potty training and the appropriate decorum that accompanies said activities, perplexed and totally confused, and without an idea as to how to proceed.

Stop laughing…I know you don’t want to trade places. Or maybe you do??? Anyone? Please??? I know you can’t see me, but I am on my knees…


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