A Trip to the ER = Cure for Boredom

So, I was suffering from boredom today. It honestly doesn’t happen too often, and I really don’t handle it well.

But tonight…life has returned to its norm around here.

The kids were at VBS tonight, and Nathan and I had the rare opportunity to savor the quiet together for a few hours. That quiet was interrupted when our daughter called to say she needed to take one of the boys to the ER. I quickly got ready, not knowing the problem.

Apparently the children had an outdoor activity this evening at VBS, and Sean was a highly active participant. He began to feel pain in his chest and looked like he was going to faint. The teacher brought Sean to his mommy, who was checking in on Dancing Eyes. Sean looked and felt terrible. After a quick phone call, we were on our way.

Of course, by the time we arrived at the hospital, Sean was looking and feeling better, but his pulse was still a little high. We were taken back to a room faster than we have ever experienced. Wow. I didn’t even get to explore the updated waiting room…

All Sean cared about was getting the Cartoon Network on the tv. And Dancing Eyes? Well, he was all about making gross, fake bodily noises and laughing almost uncontrollably. Seriously. And poor Mario was suffering the indignities of being the scape goat.

I really felt sorry for the doctor. He never stood a chance. He looked like he had just graduated from high school. And I remembered that it was July–new residents starting up their program…Poor kid.

Mario went flying across the room and hit the doctor dead on. Somehow, he managed to catch him. My daughter was mortified. The doctor looked stunned, but smiled. Dancing Eyes just burst out laughing even louder.

Eventually, the boys each got to eat a nice red popsicle. You know…the color of blood? Dancing Eyes started making this noise…

“Hlech…hlech…hlech…” over and over. Then he spit out some icky goo into his hand. Great. Disgusting and gross, and the doctor is trying to explain the results of the EKG.

I washed the offending yuck off Dancing Eyes’ hands. And then…



“Hlech…hlech…hleck…” and then more crud.

By this time, the doctor appeared a little concerned about what the deal was with our little clown. But for anyone that has sinus and allergy problems, you know exactly what the kid was doing–

Eventually all we needed to wait for was the discharge papers. That is the hardest part of the whole trip to the ER. You know you are fine. You just want to leave. But you can’t leave because you need those papers. Seriously, will they call the police if you leave without the discharge papers? Just curious…

By this point, both boys were bored and a little more than stir crazy when Sean discovered the blue exam gloves. What a great thing. And he had such a great idea…

“I know, let’s fill it up with water!!!”

Now, you know there was no way Sean was getting one and Dancing Eyes not. Never going to happen. So now, there were two little boys, in the ER, with blue exam glove water balloons. I won’t even tell you all the things those little hands did. Sometimes it’s just best to leave it to the imagination.

Somehow, we got out of the hospital, into the car and onto the street before the first one burst. Great. One wet little boy, laughing hysterically and another boy wanting his to burst. NO PROBLEM!!! So we had two laughing and very wet little boys cracking us up all the way home.

The discussion in the car went something like this…

“Sean, mommy needs a princess car. A BIG princess car. And Curly Top can have a little princess car. And Nana…”

And then both boys said simultaneously, “A Daisy car.” I don’t know who Daisy is, but apparently both boys thought of me as needing a Daisy car.

“And Jesus made us Sean. Sean, and Jesus made us. Sean, do you hear me, and Jesus made us.”

“Yes, I heard you. I know.’

“And Mario needs a rug in his car, too.”

I was really having a lot of trouble following the line of thought…it was so random. Punctuated with bursts of laughter.

So, I am no longer bored. Just thought you would like to know. 🙂


5 thoughts on “A Trip to the ER = Cure for Boredom

  1. I am glad to hear everyone is okay!
    What you just described is my favourite part of working paediatric emergency… Or any ER where kids come in. Things are just always a bit more interesting!

    • I always have to pay close attention. Sean has epilepsy and a few other oddities, so we take him seriously. But the one-two punch of having both boys going their crazy ways in the ER was just insane…I always feel so bad for the other patients when we arrive…;)

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