Psyching Myself

We are getting ready to take a mini-vacation. Not really sure vacation is the appropriate word, but nonetheless, we are driving to the Twin Cities to visit our daughter, son-in-law and grandbaby {not necessarily in that order šŸ™‚ }. The normal driving time for my husband and me is about 9 hours. We don’t stop too much, and when driving through the heart of Iowa, there isn’t much to look at but farm fields. They are very pleasant, but after awhile…well a cow or horses would be a welcome change of scenery.

THIS time, our daughter and her three cherubs will be driving with us. I am already bracing myself for the dialogue along the way. (Are we there yet…I’m hungry…I’m bored…She’s annoying me…) We won’t be leaving until later in the day, so everyone will be awake. Wide awake. And Curly Top is potty training. Glory. I think we will need to stop more than midway through the drive. Ugh.

So you can appreciate why I am preparing myself in advance. But you know what is a tremendous motivator for me? When we arrive, I get to see…

Janielle, Ben and little Isaiah

Don’t you think this is a good reason to drive for nine hours with crazy little people complaining, laughing, sleeping, annoying, fighting, singing, screeching and whatever else they will do in the car?

Or maybe this will be good enough…

my sweet daughter and her baby

Or maybe this???

little man so sweet

Or maybe this one?

such innocence and trust in those eyes

Or certainly this is…

jolly sweetness

I am preparing everyone for the fact that I will be holding my little guy the entire time we are in Minneapolis. I miss them all so much, but I don’t think Janielle or Ben want me to hold them. And I don’t think my back could take it anyway. So I will be enjoying some nana time with Isaiah. And I don’t plan to share.

So I am going to soak up all that sweet innocence as much as I can…and when the going gets rough on the way to Minnesota, I will just remind myself of the sweetness that awaits. And I am investing in a great pair of ear plugs. I haven’t figured out the motivation for the return trip yet…I am open to suggestions.


4 thoughts on “Psyching Myself

  1. What a doll he is! Have a wonderful time with your daughter and family. We always put together travel kits in the kids’ backpacks for road trips… Coloring books, travel games, little toys, etc. Might keep them occupied for part of the journey? šŸ™‚ Blessings and traveling mercies as you go!

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