I’m still here…

I know you are all wondering, even holding your breath wondering where I am???  Let’s just say that for a few days, I’ve been distracted by the creeping contents of my kitchen as it slowly took over the dining room and then the living room. Not only that, but the ever-increasing and annoying layer of drywall dust covering every. single. thing. And I don’t just mean that the layer of dust is limited to the kitchen. OH NO! It is EVERYWHERE. I hope it isn’t toxic, because we eat it as an additional condiment these days.

So, I am not writing as much these days because my hands are otherwise occupied. BUT, trust me, I will be regaling you all with my anecdotal evidence of the mini-remodel. I am slowly moving things back INTO the cabinets, and hope to actually have counters before August. Never fear…I’ll show you the painful pictures.

So stay tuned, and don’t forget me…I haven’t forgotten you, believe you me (as my mother is fond of saying!) 🙂 I’ll be back (as the Arnold would say.)


4 thoughts on “I’m still here…

  1. I hate drywall dust! Ugh. We ate a pretty good volume of the stuff over the past year or so and we are still alive. So, can’t be too bad, at least not in the short term!

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