Rock, Paper, Scissors, Nana!

So it’s likely to be an interesting day when it starts with a conversation like this:

“Vida, do not hit,” said in my kind but stern voice.

The reply caught me off guard. “Rock, paper, scissors, Nana!” said the crazy but adorable little curly top.

I have been parenting and raising mine and others’ children for a very long time. But this was definitely a first for me. Was I supposed to make a choice? Hmmmm, what might those choices look like to a crazy granddaughter like mine?

Rock. Hit him with a rock?

Paper. I got nothing.

Scissors. Cut him? Cut his hair? Cut her own hair? Cut paper? I don’t know. It was only about 7:45 AM when this discussion ensued. I have to admit, I am still confused.

But she DID quit hitting, so I guess I won that battle? I’m not quite sure yet.

I guess time will tell…yes, tell a crazy story about a crazy little girl with curly hair and big brown eyes and a button nose.


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