What did you say?

This is one of those days when I wonder if voices should be granted to babies and toddlers. You know…when the only thing coming out of their mouths requires correction? Shhhhh….Hush….Quiet….Whisper….

Sigh…these little people do NOT have little voices. They are GREAT, BIG, LOUD, SHOUTING voices. Especially when other little people are STILL SLEEPING! Vesuvius doesn’t know the meaning of “quiet” or “shhh”…he does everything full bore and loud. Bam Bam usually responds a little better to redirection, but TODAY? Not. Even sensitive Bam Bam is following in the footsteps of that blasting volcano. (Who is 6 months younger, I might add.)

Can you imagine how quiet the world would be if no one spoke unless it was the right thing to say at precisely the right time, with perfect inflection, at the perfect decibel level? If there was never the sound of angry voices? Or impatient voices? No temper tantrums? Would there be wars? Arguments? Hurt feelings? Anger? What would that really sound like? Would we enjoy it?

In part, I can imagine…you know, the sound of the mosquitoes humming softly below the bird songs? When it is quiet enough to hear the cooing of the doves? The rustling of the leaves, the sound of the water gurgling in the creek? Today, I would most definitely enjoy the perfect balance of sweet voices intermingled with birds and bugs and dogs…in fact, if the voices of these little people were not so demanding and such constant reminders of the sin nature that accompanies the birth of each new life…sigh…

But today, I hear the cries of impatience, screams of selfishness, bellows of bad tempers…today, if I wore a hearing aid, I think I would throw it away. I could be like the old geezer on the porch shouting, “What’d ya say?”

And now, I must go. My very presence is being unceremoniously beckoned by a shriek. But I am going with that same gentle reminder for myself…are my words sweet? Am I speaking with just the right inflection? Am I bellowing and impatient sounding? I hope not. I wouldn’t want anyone to throw away their hearing aid because of the sounds coming out of my mouth…


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