Nana, I’m Bored (or, summer vacation is not much fun)

School has been out for almost a month here…that means some little people who WERE in school are now OUT of school and IN my house. But Superman (who seems to enter some sort of funk when school is not in session) has opted to teach summer school. (I know I had blogged that he was not teaching this summer due to budget cuts, but lo, and behold…my husband, the Spanish teacher, is teaching high school Consumer Math for the month.)

I had to say goodbye to ‘Red’, who has gone on to preschool. I also had to say goodbye temporarily to ‘Australia’ whose mother is on the school district schedule, so has her summers free. But I added a little tiny baby who is still getting her schedule together, and those loves of mine who were in school.

One would think that with the shift in persons under my roof being in favor of the older kids things would run more smoothly. NOT. 😦 On the contrary, the bigger they are, the more “intriguing” their dilemmas and disasters. The only difference, and I do question the existence of the difference, is that the older ones generally do not scream as loudly as our reigning Italian-Irish volcano. But that is subject to updating if the evidence does not support the theory. I’ll get back to you on that.

Sean is B o r e d.

“Nana? Nana! Did you hear me?” Sean shouted.

(I wanted to say I was ganoring him…his word, not mine. I am spelling it phonetically.)

“Yes. I heard you. Why don’t you go outside?” I replied. I knew what he would say.

“There’s nothing to DO out there,” He said, with that annoying inflection on the word ‘DO’…

“You could ride your bike, play in the water…,” my voice trailed off.

“That stuff’s boring. Boring!” was his predictable response.

Keep in mind, he had already played the computer, Angry Birds, watched some TV…sigh…

What I really wanted to tell him was to get a damp rag and clean all the spots off the carpet, wash the haze off the freshly grouted new tile in the kitchen, do the gazillion loads of laundry waiting for my attention, scrub the deck, powerwash the carport floor, paint the living room and hallway, reinstall the cabinets in the currently empty kitchen, hook up my kitchen sink, dishwasher and stove so that I could at least cook dinner if I could FIND my pans and food…decontaminate the bathroom (ugh–I grew up with sisters, always wanted a brother but now I question why???) My list could get a whole lot longer if I wasn’t so sleep deprived.

I know. I sound crabby. I make no excuses. I am crabby. I am missing my magic wand…And I am bored because there is so much chaos in my house right now I can’t find anything so I can’t DO anything.

“I’m bored too, Sean,” I said with a sigh. And Vesuvius erupts with an ear-piercing shriek.



2 thoughts on “Nana, I’m Bored (or, summer vacation is not much fun)

  1. I’m with you! Why not let bored children help with the chores. If we put them to work, maybe they would soon learn to entertain themselves without complaint. 🙂
    God Bless You!

    • I am sure I got bored as a child, but not like the kids today. I remember making tents out of old curtains and watching the clouds…collecting bugs and rocks…playing all sorts of make believe. Our techno society doesn’t help at all.

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