The Nature of the Beast

It was a sad day around Nana’s house today. Late this afternoon, we saw a baby raccoon wandering up from the creek. It was quite small, and certainly did not appear to know his way around very well. He was really cute, and made these little chattering noises.

it looked a lot like this, maybe a tiny bit smaller

Stephanie followed it around the back and I got the boys so they could see the little critter up close. It wandered around under our deck…and then I remembered the dogs. Día was inside. Joe Bear, on the other hand, appeared to be sleeping under the stairs on the other side of the fence. Phew…sighs of relief.

Then I heard Stephanie scream. I just knew what had happened…that baby walked right into the yard and straight into Joe’s mouth. It didn’t stand a chance. Joe didn’t seem to intentionally hurt it–no outward signs of injury, but Joe is a big dog with a strong jaw…

Baby Critter was still breathing slightly, but it was obvious that it was not going to survive. Joe looked at me, almost like he was not sure what was going on…Nathan put the dog in the house and I got the little guy on a box lid and moved it to a safer place. After a little while, it was no longer breathing. It was a sad sight to see, that’s for certain.

Stephanie was, and continues to be, angry at the dog. I have tried to explain that Joe was merely acting consistently with the nature God gave him. Joe is a HUNTING dog…he keeps varmints out of our yard…He would LIKE to keep them out of the entire world, but we have reigned him in…Gentle Joe is, after all, an animal, with an animal nature and instincts. Truth be told, raccoons have been known to successfully fight off dogs, leaving them seriously injured.

Tomorrow is a new day…squirrels will try to outsmart Joe (he caught one a few weeks ago). Raccoons will scamper up the hollow tree in the back. Birds will race to the tree branches as the dogs tear out the door. Chipmunks will try to sneak under the wood pile to snatch some stray crumbs or bird seed.

The big question I am pondering tonight is, “What nature am I revealing by the way I live and act?” That is MY food for thought. I’ll have to get back to you about what I find out.


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