Bedtime Stories

Some of the more “interesting” sounds come at bedtime. Not because of the bedtime routines like brushing teeth, an infinite number of trips to the bathroom or the kitchen for “just a little drink,” or the stories, although a bedtime story itself could be very entertaining, depending on who is telling or reading the story. Bedtime prayers are often a highlight around here–sometimes the dead squirrel is prayed for, or the birds that ate all the food in the feeder, or dollies and new boo boos.

At this very moment, I am listening to a conversation between two little boys aged 6 and 4. Dancing Eyes is laughing and singing REPEATEDLY “let’s get this party started, let’s get this party started…” in a silly falsetto voice. The boys’ laughter tells me they are probably being a little bit reckless in their silliness. It probably doesn’t help to have the guinea pigs in the same room, but…

Currently, la Vida Loca is going through a monster scare phase. She says in her tiny little fear-filled voice, “The monsters, Nana, the monsters…I so scared, I so scared.” Mind you, it is the ONLY time her voice is that soft. I reassure her that the monsters are gone, pray with her–naming every single family member, each child that comes to our house, Buzz, Woody and Jessie, and an assortment of other VIPs that need to be bathed in prayer. We do this same routine at naptime, so we are sure to cover all the bases at least twice daily. With a little kiss good-night, she quickly falls asleep.

Meanwhile, the airwaves on Planet Boys Room are filled with another tune with a limited vocabulary–“oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oooooh, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ooooh…” which I believe is a Brittney Spears ‘song’.  Immediately followed by  little boys singing Sunday School choruses and discussing their day with their Papa. And his semi-stern voice telling them to calm down and get ready to pray…

I am ready to pass out from sheer exhaustion, and they sound like they could “Party Like It’s 1999.” Sean is describing the airplane he wants to build out of boxes, and Dancing Eyes is laughing about something that tickles his little funny bone. And then, in the middle of all this, I hear “Jesus loves us. That’s cool. Amen.”

And you know what? I cannot top that. Jesus does love us. That IS cool. Amen!


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