Cuteness Personified

The joys of being a Nana are often accompanied by the sadness of being so far away from my youngest grandchild. BUT, last weekend we were ALL together, and it was so wonderful.

Isaiah is getting so big. Eating food, sharing his sweet little dimples, and just all around a great little snuggler. His cousins, (Sean, Dancing Eyes, and La Vida Loca) had a great time being entertainer to the baby and entertained by Uncle Ben and Tia Janielle.

Isaiah, Dancing Eyes and Vida got to go to their very first Cardinals game. The game was not a winner for our Redbirds, but we all had a great time.

Janielle and Isaiah

Dancing Eyes, Isaiah, Janielle making their own entertainment

Too soon, they had to go back to Minneapolis, leaving me sadder than I was before they came. Such a reminder of all the little things I don’t get to see everyday. All of those “firsts” that he will be doing. Yes, I can Skype. Yes, I can get pictures. Not the same thing as holding him in my arms and singing to him. I wouldn’t trade those things that I get to have with my other three little guys. But I so miss all of that with my littlest little guy.

Already back home, he learned to drive…great.

Isaiah and his buddies–note the Cardinals cap 🙂

i know–cuteness personified

Don’t you just love the expression on his face? Those dimples? Honestly, he is my most adorable blonde grandchild, probably the cutest one in the world. Is my bias showing? I am trying very hard not to brag…

I fail.


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