Nana Can Draw???!!!

I am seriously out of my league with my oldest grandson. He is the deep thinker, the sensitive one…keeps me on my toes and scraping through the rust in my brain for answers to his deep and penetrating questions.

But just for today, let’s just say that his brain works a lot faster than mine–I chalk that up to the fact that his isn’t as cluttered and full of junk like mine. My brain is generally the repository of unnecessary information that pops up and seemingly makes people think I have a fantastic memory. I don’t–it’s that odd information that everyone else shredded years ago, but for some reason is stuck in my head. I really need to do some Spring Cleaning in the upper bunk soon. (Ohhhhhhh–I bet that is why I am having all these headaches!)

Anyway…I have been studying for a training class on how to lead the Precepts Bible studies. You know, doing homework, stressing about getting things done ahead of time, wanting to be RIGHT. Ugh…I really enjoy the lessons, but I am seriously out of my comfort zone right now. Of all the difficult chapters of the Bible, part of the lesson was to tackle Daniel chapter 7. The four beasts…It wasn’t enough that I had to start midway through the book without the benefit of DOING the previous 6 chapters. NO…I had to create story boards about the chapter.

I am a fairly creative person. I sew…do crazy things with brown paper, glue and a dining room table…find intriguing uses for burlap and other old and useless items…But let’s just make it clear that I do not draw very well. I can VISUALIZE what I want things to look like…but drawing them and color-coding the drawings…well, my efforts don’t look so great.

Sean is a true natural when it comes to drawing. He has amazing talent, and I am not the only one who notices that strength. So last night, Sean tapped on my door and asked to come in. I guess the idea of Nana doing homework was worth checking out. He wanted to see what I was working on and I showed him my storyboards.

“Who did these?” he asked.

“I did.”

“I mean, who DREW them?” he asked.

“I did.”

“YOU drew these pictures? I didn’t know you knew how to draw!” he said, sounding very astounded.

“But who colored them, then?” he continued.


Finally, I had impressed my grandson. He thought the beasts were duly scary. He was fascinated by the fire on the wheels of the throne and the river of fire. He was very pleased to see the awful beast in the fire at the end. For a very difficult passage of scripture, it sure came to life for my little buddy via my simple and very poor drawings. Drawing may become a teaching tool for me as I try to communicate truth to the little ones in my care. There is something that “sticks” a little better when you have to illustrate it by hand.

So, once again, I am learning new things from little people. I am definitely going to have to clear out a little more space upstairs for all these lessons I am learning. Thankfully, I still yearn to learn!


3 thoughts on “Nana Can Draw???!!!

    • My little guy was just so fascinated by it…and I won’t soon forget the lessons of Daniel 7 after drawing it all out!

      God Bless You!

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