So one of the lessons that gets repeated each and every day around here is the importance of sharing. I don’t know WHY each child seems to need so desperately what someone else has…and why they ONLY want it if someone else has it…but that seems to be the cycle we are riding around here in the 18 to 30 month age group.

this look familiar?

The ironic part of the whole sharing dilemma is that it is usually the least attractive item that these little miniatures go nuts over…the ride on tractor that no longer makes noises and goes too slow…the bat with the dog-chewed grip…the green chair that is just like two other green chairs…the one block of 500 blocks that are strewn hither and yon…I don’t know what the deal is, but if they see you with it, be prepared to fight tooth and nail to keep it. Or cry a river of tears and wail loudly as if you are dying a very painful death.

bam bam…lost the battle for the tractor

Toys…they are oozing out of every conceivable corner of my house and deck and garage and yard. Sharing them should not be an issue. Why do they not “get it” when I point out that I share all of MY things with them as a good example? I am seriously considering loading all my “lessons” into the squirt bottles and water pistols to see if that makes more of an impression when I douse them with the contents. Hmmmm, I am getting some ideas…

Unfortunately, they DO understand enough about sharing to pass along every germ they have on their seemingly clean little bodies and create miniature (or ginormous) petri dishes of breeding grounds for every imaginable virus. These children will be immune to just about everything by the time they are done at Nana’s House. Unfortunately, my own immune system will be shot to pieces by then. Apparently, my success will be that I have created toddlers with amazing capabilities of sharing the very things we DON’T want shared while NOT sharing the things we DO want shared.

Sigh. My throat is feeling scratchy…

too late…


5 thoughts on “Sharing–It is VERY OVERRATED

  1. Keep up the good work, Nana. I mean it. Sharing is something you learn about as a child. Even if a child appears to rebel against the entire concept, you must enforce it still, left the child learn that if they pitch enough fits they will ultimately get what they want. I admit, sadly, I still have a hard time sharing my stuff. I don’t know what it is; I suspect it has something to do with being “mostly” an only child. I have siblings, but one was much older and the other lived out of state. Teaching this lesson is a heavy burden for whomever sets out to intromit it, one that yields no dividend until much later in life, if at all. But they will be better for your firm love!

    And if all else fails: “I am seriously considering loading all my “lessons” into the squirt bottles and water pistols to see if that makes more of an impression when I douse them with the contents.”


    ~ Cara

    • Yep…yep…every day brings its joys and challenges–I think they are more for my good than theirs, but I usually enjoy the journey. Even the fits they throw can be pretty funny. Thanks for your encouragement. 🙂

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