You’re an Old Girl, Nana

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I had the opportunity to spend a little quality time with Sean over the last few days. I was sewing new curtains for the master bedroom, which is undergoing a little mini-makeover, and Sean wanted to hang out and see it happen. He pulled up a stool and sat in front of my sewing machine. He was intrigued by the use of straight pins, how I positioned the fabric, why I had to iron so carefully…He was full of questions.

He also wanted to talk about his great grandmother, who was recently about ready to take the trip to her final destination in Glory, but then God answered the prayers of so many people and she made a significant turn around. This great grandmother lives in Alaska, and Sean has not seen her since he was two years old. It is unlikely that he remembers that visit, but he thinks he does–probably because of the photos we have of the visit.

He is concerned about her going to Heaven because it means the potential for visiting her is removed. He seems to understand that Heaven really is a great place, that she will like being there, seeing her Savior. He also seemed to understand that there wouldn’t be any sadness there, but there is that sadness we feel HERE.

When Papa calls Great Grandma every week, sometimes the kids are still awake and get to talk to her. Even though her hearing is poor, she enjoys the conversations, however short or long they may be (usually short), and she keeps up with what each child is involved in whether it is AWANA, school, craziness….That means a lot to these little people in my house.

Once Sean’s questions were satisfied, he moved along today to another favorite topic–people’s ages.

“How old is Papa?”

“Almost 56.”

“How old is Great Papa?”


“How old is Great Nana?”

“Almost 75.”

We moved along in our conversation and talked about Mother’s Day. His mind said “No Fair!” there should be a “Boy’s Day.” Or a “Girl’s Day.”

And then in total seriousness and sincerity, he announced, “You’re an old girl, Nana.”



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