Wrestlemania, Cinco de Mayo and a Few Other Things

Nana’s house was a happening place this week with birthday parties, new blossoms blooming and a lot of water. The water came in a variety of forms: rain, dew, humidity, and SPRINKLERS…my water hose seems to be a fan favorite around here. People actually fight over who gets to water the plants with me, and Bam Bam has a daily habit of dumping poor Joe Bear’s bowl every single day as soon as we go outside.

But we started the week getting our groove on and celebrating with Cadance’s official birthday party and the new month with some Cinco de Mayo flavor.

the cheeseburger cakes–no i did not make them

a little of our own wrestlemania as Sean flies through the air

the dude has some moves

still seems like Big Brother has the upper hand in this duel

he who laughs last laughs longest–Dancing Eyes with the pin

The weather became downright summery mid-way through the week with sweltering temps and high humidity–the reminder of why I want to move when we retire, but we had those lovely hot breezes to help cool off during the afternoons on the deck, smelling the beautiful Catalpa blossoms…

lovely blossoms in the middle of my jungle

hummingbirds are enjoying these

Poor Joe Bear had a hard week–he struggled with the heat like the rest of us, but since he has such long, thick fur, he was pretty pathetic. So…Stephanie took Joe for his “Summer Do”…

Joe Bear feeling the heat after his trip to the beauty shop

There was a half-day of school for Sean this week, so it seemed like the best time to get a little water activity time.

dancing eyes comes out of the shark’s mouth

water is so much fun this way

fun fun fun

For the kids in my daycare, we had a lot of fun with latino party music and Cinco de Mayo this week…and a pair of spoons.

Australia and Bam Bam

bailen bailen bailen

The week was hot, but we had some fun and learned a few things, and no one got hurt…too badly, anyway. Looking forward to another week and what we are all going to learn.

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo, mi gente!




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