Little Ozzie

The Ozzie Smith Flip

Baseball is an American past-time…and if you live in St. Louis, you had better be a CARDINALS fan or you run the risk of incurring grave bodily harm.  And just in case your memory has failed you, the Cardinals were World Series Champs in 2011. (Go Redbirds!) We take our baseball pretty seriously here so it should come as no surprise that our resident little people are learning to love the sport.

As Sean nears the end of his kindergarten year, he is now officially playing baseball–on the Redbirds team. On Saturday, we went to see his very first little league baseball game. The day was something in between storms and almost storms and there were real doubts that the game would be played, but in the end the two teams of little boys hit the field for the first game some of them would ever play.

We all showed up for this event…’event’ is our new word around here, it seems. Papa, Dancing Eyes, Vida, Mommy, and Nana. And I had my camera along to document the momentous occasion.

Papa and Dancing Eyes

Adoring Little Sister

Cheerios and Sippy Cups

Irresistible Little Love

Mommy watching through the fence

But the star for us at that game was Little Ozzie–apparently Sean has already garnered a nickname. If you know anything about baseball, then you certainly know who Ozzie is–Ozzie Smith, Hall of Fame shortstop, awesome Cardinals player, now retired. There have been a lot of baseball heroes in St. Louis through the years, but everyone knows there’s something pretty special about The Wizard.

I have written previously about the busy-ness quotient that is inherent in my grandchildren. Baseball does not always lend itself to the busy little boy we know and love. But never fear…the boy can make the game busy in his own special way.

Waiting waiting waiting for a ball to come to him--doing little foot moves

Practicing slides while waiting on the batter to hit the ball

Ooops...stones in the shoes

On the bench waiting his turn to bat

His first at bat

He managed to slide into each base...totally unnecessarily, of course

Sliding into third base--note the third

And here it is...handsprings at third base...

It was about this point, in the photo above, that I heard one of Sean’s coaches refer to him as “Little Ozzie”…yep, that is definitely my Sean! And just to show how unconcerned he was…check out his dash for home plate:

Getting ready to score

This is just the beginning of what appears to be a very enjoyable season…Sean will enjoy playing baseball, getting his uniform covered in dirt and as many grass stains as he can…the parents and grandparents will enjoy Sean’s side show as he awaits a little action in the field. And I will endeavor to document all the high lights, and get the stains out of his uniform each week.


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