Love, Lace and Dancing Eyes

Dancing Eyes

Today, my sweet little buddy turns four. I know I refer to him as Dancing Eyes, but his name is Cadance Micah. From the day he was born, he burrowed deep inside my heart and added the second row of lace.

Lace, you ask? Well, many years ago, my mother said she couldn’t understand all the fuss people made over grandchildren, because her children had filled up any gaps in her heart. BUT, when my first child came into the world, she learned first-hand the lesson about grandchildren.

One day she said to me, “I never thought there was any room left in my heart for anyone else, but now I know. I learned that grandchildren are the lace around the heart.” And she is right. She has nine rows of lace plus four strands of pearls.

So I currently have four rows of lace decorating my heart. I am not really a lacy kind of person, it is a little too frou-frou for me unless we are speaking of my heart–there is room for A LOT of lace. But I digress a bit…

Cadance–aka Dancing Eyes–aka Rump Roast–is the second born child to my middle child. I am the middle daughter of three sisters. Let’s just say I have a very special place in my heart for those poor kids who are forever stuck in the middle. Some parents may not agree with me, but it is kind of the pits to be the middle child. So when I held that precious bundle for the first time, it was like falling in love all over, in a very special way. I didn’t know he would be the middle child, but I knew he was the second son. Latinos have a name for the second born son–ever hear someone called “Segundo?”  English-speakers have been known to use “Junior.” Don’t those names just make you want to name your child that way? Isn’t everyone’s dream to be second? Not on your life!

those beautiful dancing eyes

Cadance has this undeniable energy–actually all three of my daughter’s children are “blessed” with extraordinarily HIGH ENERGY LEVELS. They have each made me reconsider my belief in the importance of naps–I really don’t want them to refuel. I find that the energy they have in the morning is more than most people have in a week, so the idea of having them replenish that mid-day, well…let’s just say I am at this very moment cringing.

My husband and I laugh, though, because Cadance bounces through life, just like Tigger. If we are in the basement, we can tell which child is moving about upstairs just by the sounds–Sean has a heavy and deliberate step, Vida just plain runs everywhere at breakneck speed, and Cadance–well… he bounces, jumps and hops.

fearless and determined explorer

This child is essentially fearless. While his big brother is more cautious, Cadance is the risk-taker. Unafraid, ready to throw caution to the wind and try whatever it is that he is too small to try. The ocean? Unafraid. Bugs? Loves them. Worms? Awesome! Climbing anything that can be climbed or attempted? Absolutely. But mingled evenly with his fearlessness is a balancing tenderness that just makes me melt. He used to have a special place with me when we sat out on the deck…

Dancing Eyes with Nana

He is too big to sit with me like that now, but I will never forget those times when we sat together, like a mama kangaroo and her little one, all snuggled in the pouch. These days, we hear precious little requests…

“Papa, can I get on your back?” when my husband gets home from work.

“Nana, will you lay down with me for a few minutes?” while he gets ready to fall asleep.

“Nana, will you read me a story?”

“Papa, can I help you dig?”

“Nana, can I sit with you for a minute?”

“Nana, can I help you cook?” as he drags a chair into the kitchen.

“Nana, can I hold the baby?”

Dancing Eyes holds his baby cousin Isaiah

When I look into those big brown eyes, it is very difficult not to say “yes” no matter how busy I may be at the moment. You know, there are some people who just generate a “no” response without really thinking about it, but not this little guy. Tough to say “no” to him. I do when it’s necessary, but boy, not easy for me.

These days, Cadance is the big helper around the house during the day. He loves the little babies and the toddlers, most of the time. He enjoys holding them and helping them. He also really enjoys working on his preschool program through He has some “virtual” hamsters that he cares for and earns tickets to buy them “stuff”. Playing with them is more fun than the activities, but even those hamsters are teaching him things that he needs to know.

And the name “Rump Roast”–well, his mommy seems to squeeze that little rump rather often and decided to name him Rump Roast. We threaten to cook that rump roast every now and then, but it’s never quite ready. And the last time we discussed it, he informed me that monsters like to eat the rump roast, so I guess he’s going to hang onto it for a while longer yet.

I am going to savor this time with my little guy and remind myself that these days will soon be changing and he will be the “big” boy and not my little buddy, so for this period of time, I am grateful for those bright, dancing eyes and sweet little smile. Happy Birthday, Cadance!


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