Buried Treasures

Are you a treasure hunter? I am…usually I find junk, but every now and then I find treasures. I love to work in my garden, as I am sure my fellow bloggers have realized by now. I am growing in this area (hahahaha) and becoming more knowledgeable about plants and what kind of environments make them happiest.

When we moved into our house in 2008, the little cottage hadn’t been touched for a very long time. Like…thirty years? Large and overgrown holly trees blocked the front of the house, several dead and dying trees were everywhere, the entire back of the lot was piled high with dead trees and brush. The creek bank was more than a mystery. Still feeling like we were a little crazy to buy this house, but it had…POTENTIAL.

In the first year, we removed eight trees. Even after taking out so many, the yard is still nicely shaded, but we began to get glimpses of sunlight, so I began gardening a little more last year. This year, well, let’s just say we are building on the foundation laid and taking it to the next level.

Our back yard is still a mess, but if you really search, you can actually discover hidden treasures even in a dump. Last Sunday afternoon, I took my loppers out back and attacked the overgrown wild honeysuckle bushes. I just couldn’t say “No” and continued hacking away until I uncovered buried treasure. It actually only took about 45 minutes.

LOVELY HOSTAS!!! HUGE HOSTAS!!! Varieties of hostas I have never seen before, they are definitely not the common ones. And when I say “huge,” trust me, two of them are over three feet in diameter! They are really beautiful plants. Can you please tell me why they were buried underneath all that brush and weeds? But, while finding those lovely and ginormous plants was a surprise, they weren’t the biggest treasure that we uncovered.

We found rocks. Now, I happen to collect rocks from every place I visit. I have bowls and baskets of rocks throughout my house. I have Alaskan glacier rocks, California beach rocks, Minnesota Lake Superior shore rocks…you get my point. I love rocks, and WE FOUND HUGE BURIED FLAGSTONES. Who buries flagstones??? And if you have flagstones, why stick them at the back of the property where NO ONE CAN SEE THEM? I am shaking my head. Again, so confused. But my husband, (you remember Superman?) dug out the rocks and laid them out for me to hose off. Neither one of us could believe the beauty of these rocks…rocks that would make an awesome presence in my garden.

My neighbor, Miss Debbie (as the kids call her) saw the rocks on the driveway. She thought we BOUGHT them. She was pretty excited when we told her where they were found. And when she saw what we planned to do, she was pretty pleased with the idea. Miss Debbie brought over a rock with a special rose quartz to insert into the rock–a lovely addition to my little garden as an accent–and the rose quartz is just the right shade of pink, so we look forward to its addition.

Once the rocks were cleaned, I laid them out in a semi-defined pathway linking the driveway to the front porch, cutting through the middle of the garden. It was pretty cloudy, so the beauty is not as striking, but I think the before and after pictures will give an idea of the direction we are going to go with these rocks.

with the old stepping stones

cottagey with limestones

new path taking shape

big enough for adult feet to step on now

this stone path will lead directly to the front door--Welcome!

So, if you buy a house in “As Is” condition, just keep your eyes open for those hidden treasures…like the blue chair? I grabbed it from a trash pile in front of a neighbor’s house–it just needed a little love and blue paint. Kind of like the green chair planter…Tomorrow, I hope to write about the eternal lessons I am learning from these hidden treasures. Until then…happy gardening!


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