My First Kindergarten Concert for a Grandchild

Well, the school year is winding down rather quickly, and with it come the typical year-end school activities. This year has been full of firsts around here.

Sean started kindergarten, learned to ride his bike, played soccer, started playing baseball, mastered Mario, made lots of new friends, and realized the giant father-sized hole in his heart. He understood more clearly the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for sins, the reality of the penalty of hell, and the importance of the resurrection.

Tonight we attended his kindergarten concert. “Getting Down with Mother Goose” was the name of the “musical.” For serious musicians, you would have been mortified at the way contemporary tunes were twisted into nursery rhyme, but the audience loved it.

We didn’t exactly learn anything new about our Sean–he was pretty true to form tonight. Check out the photographs (and I apologize for the graininess…definitely need to get a good telephoto lens for these events!)–they speak volumes.

singing with soul


happy boy


all tied up


getting bored


Sean's turn


yep...that's my boy


a bit of a stretch for Sean




Nathan and I are beginning to prepare for his high school graduation and the antics that he will display at that point. Feeling just a wee bit afraid 🙂 .


4 thoughts on “My First Kindergarten Concert for a Grandchild

  1. Your post just melts my heart. This is my last year to enjoy my youngest in elementary school. I am going to miss all of the sweet moments like what you posted.

    • It truly is bittersweet…this little boy just tugs at my heart. Not because he is the oldest or the first, but because he has already endured so much pain and sorrow. He understands so much. A true mix of goofball and serious, contemplative child. Enjoy your sweetness through the coming years…may not always be sweet, but there will be a lot to remember :).

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