Apparently we need marriage counseling…

Nathan was away for one week. That was an eternity for all of us…although I believe I missed him the most, and little Vida vied for that spot quite ferociously, especially once he was home.

He clearly was exhausted, sleeping in the hospital many nights to be near his dear mom. Yet, in spite of all that sleep deprivation, he managed to come home bearing gifts for each one of us. For Stephanie, an Alaska keychain (so appropriate since her keys quite often take a hike along with one of her cherubs). For each of the kids, Alaskan socks, coloring books and reading books–all with an appropriate Alaska theme.

But for me (who he knows SO WELL after all these years), he saved the best gift of all, and it has caused me to rethink a lot of things. As I lamented in his absence, he makes my coffee for me each night, and I merely turn on the coffee maker in the mornings. Because of my love of coffee, he brought me back an AWESOME gift:


camouflage wildlife

beautiful native flowers

For those of you who follow this blog, you know that I love flowers and birds and all sorts of BEAUTIFUL CREATION…I think my beloved thought it was CREATURES…yep, I got the CAMOUFLAGE Mug…and you know, it took my breath away. I truly was in shock. Speechless, even. I had no words.

Eventually, I very carefully said, “Oh! Camouflage! Is that what you think of when you think of me?” Mind you, I was VERY careful to say it sweetly and sincerely, because this was a gift from his heart. And I do like green…

“Well, I saw all these really cool animals from Alaska, and I just thought of you…” hmmmm, does that mean he thinks I’m an animal??? That really started me thinking…

One of our first big disagreements came up while we were registering for wedding gifts and trying to pick out china…I understand it all so clearly now…I wanted the pretty Noritake china with the beautiful flowers in lovely shades, almost like they were just picked right out of an English garden. Nathan, on the other hand, wanted a pattern with a heavy brown design that looked like it was fashioned after totem poles or something. My first huge compromise was a simple white pattern, that I have disliked for 32 years. Our first bedspread…brown…first couch, brown…everything was brown. And the things that weren’t brown were ROYAL BLUE, his favorite color. I don’t really like blue. I like purple…yellow…pink…green…

I remember the big compromise when we were living in Ecuador and we got a blue and white bedspread–the compromise? It had a ruffled skirt and flowers. Oh and the blue was pale…

So now that I know that my husband thinks of me in terms of wild animals and camouflage, I am considering a new wedding ceremony that reflects our true identities…wait, MY true identity, because he doesn’t like change, so is pretty much still the way he was when we met. Check out my new wedding plans:

My new dress (it matches my mug!!!

my shoes--but i need lower heels now

my new improved bouquet

this yummy cake

I will send out the announcements as soon as I quit crying…


9 thoughts on “Apparently we need marriage counseling…

  1. I like the animal camo mugs and the camo shoes are pretty hot. It seems your problem is that you are determined to marry a guy, but hey, he’s a guy who makes coffee!

  2. The sad thing is that Kevin would LOVE all that stuff. I’m not a flowers and lace type, but that stuff is over the top. :)) I still think you’re funny. :)))

  3. Funny! It looks like a red-neck fiasco! 🙂 Go ahead and get a pretty little flowered dress and forgo the compromise on your special day.
    God Bless You!

    • lol–after all these years of marriage, it amazes me how some things just don’t really change 🙂
      he is so sweet–a little funny, but very sweet

  4. My nephew and his wife had two cakes at their wedding, one, kind of traditional and the other, called the ‘Grooms Cake’, was shaped and decorated to look like an XBox.
    Of course, old folks like me, had no idea why all the young people were oohing and awing over it.
    Oh, and now I know what an XBox looks like… 😉

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