Ahhh…give me some sugar!

Sweet little girl of mine

So adorable, isn’t she? Innocent even. Absolutely the sweetest little curly top in the world some might even say. DON’T BE DECEIVED!!! She is a LITTLE SINNER!

Her hair reminds me of Samson…the longer it is the more power (to destroy!) she has. I wonder what would happen if I were to cut her hair? Aside from her mother killing me…But honestly, I cannot figure out what to do with this child…she baffles me with her novel approaches to sin and mischief.

This morning we were all playing…yes, I know I am a little old for playing, but I do and we have fun. We were playing in the basement while the two babies were napping, so we were being extra quiet. First mistake is when Vida is quiet. Never ever a good thing unless she is unconscious. And we have not reached that state of unconsciousness today.

The little sneak had gone upstairs and climbed on the counter. So many choices to pick from, but she made just the sweetest little decision she could make. You know, when her mama was her age, we called her Cinnamon because her skin was like the spice, and her personality was DEFINITELY spicy. Flaming fire, I would have to say. While I say that Vida is just like her mama, she isn’t really…Vida will do whatever she’s going to do with a SMILE ON THAT FACE, LOOKING YOU DEAD IN THE EYES. Never flinching, she just flashes that innocent little smile and she thinks you will just fall into her back pocket.

I sort of do, but not completely. So back to this morning (and her mama actually had the nerve to ask me how she got upstairs…I think my daughter is sleep deprived)–I went in search of the rascal…she met me at the top of the stairs with two little fists full of BROWN SUGAR. I can hear you…don’t even try to hide your smiles–I can see those. IT WASN’T CUTE! She is a mess, she makes messes. She makes ME a mess and she definitely makes my house a mess. It wouldn’t surprise anyone to discover that she was born with a sin nature. I realize we all are, just some of us are so cute we get away with a lot…I wasn’t that cute, but she really is. I am in deep trouble with this one.

And now, I need to go…Brown Sugar just came in with a box of cereal…she loves to dump them…I think it’s the noise that gets her so excited, and I DON’T mean the noise I make when I catch her, either. Gotta run…


2 thoughts on “Ahhh…give me some sugar!

  1. You’ve made me hungry with all the epithets: Cinnamon, Spicy, Brown Sugar . . . 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this post, for the reminder to not allow someones’ innocuous looks fool you. Or even to make the mistake of thinking highly of those “appearing” to lead a sinless life. Every single one of us is saved by His grace, and His grace only.

    Oh, but she sure is cute, Grandma!


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