Birds…and the Blahs

I have a case of the blahs. I know that the current green dust covering everything is responsible for it. I also know that my eyes, which appear as though I have two black eyes, speak for themselves…not to mention the stuffy nose. Yep. It’s the blahs. St. Louis in the Spring…gorgeous, but blah blah blah.

It is an amazing phenomenon that my husband’s Alaska relatives are experiencing record-breaking snow accumulations and we are experiencing…NO SNOW. Swarms of gnats are all over the place, if you wander down to the creek, you can see mosquito larvae (or is it pupae???) getting ready to sink their little needle noses into our exposed skin. Not to mention the fleas. Oh, I can imagine scratching little backs and arms and legs for a host of little people who practically strip down to underwear as soon as the sun comes out and it isn’t frosty outside.  (Our poor neighbors–they get an eyeful every summer.)

BUT…after almost 10 years of trying to just SEE a particular little songbird that shows up each Spring, this morning I finally figured out the name of the elusive Spring singer that my husband loves to hear. It doesn’t last for very long in our area–it is just traveling back up north to the northern woods of the upper Great Lakes and Canada. It’s song is so sweet, and just reading the comments made by other musician bird aficionados about the chords and tonic and notes of this particular bird showed me how much musicians really can get into the songs of the birds. Meet the white-throated sparrow.

The bird is so small, but it has a BIG VOICE. Check out this youtube video of the bird in action.

While I was outside today trimming and puttering around in the garden, I heard another noise. It wasn’t a song, it was a noise. Kind of like  flapping mixed with shaking??? I couldn’t figure it out, but later I heard this squeaky chip chip chip. I backed up and looked around…I knew it was coming from our tree, but I couldn’t see it. I kept looking around this not particularly beautiful tree, then I saw it.



peeking out of the nest


ready to go back inside the nest

On the one hand, these woodpeckers indicate a negative reality–the trees in which they are nesting are not all that healthy. Hence, the hollowed out branches and feed holes where they find some apparently very savor bugs. But for today, the sounds and the sights of these little creations were exhilarating. Reminders of the beauty of the Creator and His creativity in creating animals with such distinct colors and songs, that they somehow manage to communicate with their families and I am so amazed at it all.

I guess the day wasn’t really so blah blah blah after all.


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