California Rocks!

Luke 19:38-40

And as he approached the city, where the road slopes down from the Mount of Olives, the whole crowd of his disciples shouted praises to God for all the marvellous things that they had seen him do. “‘Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!’” they cried. “There is peace in Heaven and glory on high!”

There were some Pharisees in the crowd who said to Jesus, “Master, restrain your disciples!”

To which he replied, “I tell you that if they kept quiet, the very stones in the road would burst out cheering!”

heart shaped, ebony and ivory


smooth, round, beautiful black


up close and personal






the red red rock goes a bob bob bobbin along


brunettes and blondes catching some rays


one of us got a good tan


puddle jumper




yellow stone




shades of orange


I LOVE ROCKS! These were all taken at South Carlsbad State Beach. God makes great rocks!


4 thoughts on “California Rocks!

  1. “The stones would break out cheering”- that means that no one can keep quiet, not even the rocks, to tell the gospel, right? How do you interpret that verse?

  2. When did you come and visit? Being about 90 minutes from where I live, I have been to Carlsbad a few times; though usually just driving through on the way to the outlets 🙂 Did you guys make a trip out there, too?
    These rocks look very familiar to me! Oh, and that last one is just gorgeous!

    • That was a few years ago, in 2009. But I really want to come out this year and visit–I have a sister and her family living in Escondido. I am ready for a little sun and sand in the allergy-free zone!

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