Not a Level In Sight

I love this idea–and Nathan will just love getting to use his level and his math skills to help me make this a reality. I will either use the Pumpkin Bread recipe or the Cranberry Bread recipe or or or, wait, I will use my mom’s BANANA BREAD RECIPE!!! Yes!!! ūüôā


If you own a level and you actually use it.  Stop right here.

This post is not for you.

We have plenty of other posts here at thistlewood.  We have posts on old Christmas decorations and posts on why people were late to book club and even a post or two on simply nothing at all and a variety of other scintillating topics for all our level-owning readers.

Take my advice.  I’m not really sure you can handle this one.

You see, this post involves painter’s tape, scissors, a plate rack and a vinyl maker named Greta.

Not a level in sight.

However, if you like to wing your way through home decorating projects with a shrug of your shoulders and a flip of the hair and a throw-caution-to-the-wind type attitude…..

                                              ……start taking notes.

Recipe Wall

1.  Start the recipe wall project by reading blogs.  Read a lot of blogs.  Get inspired by said blogs.  When you are…

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4 thoughts on “Not a Level In Sight

  1. Thanks for the shout out sweet friend! All I can say is thank goodness for those plates. They make everything look a little straighter ūüôā


    • I love all the things you do with your house–many I can’t adapt to my home, but something like this is almost universally possible…as I think more about this, I might use a Bible Verse and use my Noah’s Ark collection in front of it–THAT my husband would really love! Thank you for the inspiration!

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