I apologize in advance for what you are about to read…you see, my mind is mush. So why am I bothering to annoy you by writing, if my mind is mush? Well the answer is quite simple, really, I need to share that mush with you. Aren’t you so thankful that I have this compelling need to share??? šŸ™‚

So the mush generally stems from the fact that my husband is far, far away, and that hasn’t happened too many times during our 31+ years of marriage. If you have been following my blog, you know that my mother-in-law is very ill and that the family has gathered in Alaska (most of them already live there) and are spending some much needed quality time together as a family during what may be their last real family get-together before she goes to her heavenly home in Glory.

My husband is a pretty special guy…and he becomes more special by the hour. For every hour he is away, the grandkids turn into gigantic, annoying, bouncing pumpkins. I feel as though they will be bursting through the roof top by morning. Vida is the craziest child of them all–do not be fooled by her adorable curly hair; sweet, almost shy, smile; or her boisterous, contagious enthusiasm. This Nana has had enough of it to last a good long while.

In Papa’s absence, everyone is pitching in…quite literally. Today, Vida “pitched” an entire large dog food container down the stairs outside, piled it all along the deck railing, and scattered hither and yon for any rodent, bird, raccoon or chipmunk to share (are any of those redundant…I apologize…it’s the mush). She also kindly filled their water bowls with dog food, turning it into…mush.

Vida helped me clean the floors today (I had already mopped) by dumping a bottle of bubbles. I really was hoping to have the opportunity to clean my clean floors again before they got really dirty and needed to be cleaned, so I was so excited to get out the steamer again. I am hoping for an opportunity to clean the carpets too…tomorrow would be an awesome day for it because it is the day of the benefit we are throwing for a genuinely deserving family. Since I am already swamped trying to prepare for said event, it would seem appropriate to find a few other jobs to do to take up all the excess time I am finding during Papa’s absence. He is in Alaska, home of the world’s most famous dogsled race…Mush!

Vida loves to eat fruit. She is a magician at finding things even I can’t find. I searched high and low for the bananas at lunch today…I, personally, can’t stand them…they are mushy and make me gag…but the kids seem to love them. Vida especially loves them so much that she pushes the dining chairs into the kitchen, climbs up on the counters and takes them by the bunch down to the basement (the rule is no food in the basement) where she proceeds to partially un-peel all of them and take a few bites then throw them on the floor, where they take turns stepping on them. That is one mushy mess, let me tell you.

She also likes apples. Somehow my little loves managed to break the lock on the refrigerator door that Papa had installed. To keep Nana out??? No…You know, if you hang on the door handle and pull really hard, you can snap that latch right off and in you go. But I digress…little girl loves her apples…there are about 13 of them out in the garden, each of them have about 4 bites bitten out…maybe they were mushy??? I hate mushy apples too!

One thing is for certain, Dancing Eyes has gotten a few extra plus marks in my book this week, but he is about to get a minus for sure. The boy is going through a growth spurt and has been eating non-stop all day long. And here we are, at the end of my day and he wants cereal and milk. I am a good Nana…I got him a bowl of cereal and milk, that he actually started to eat (but then heard Dora on the TV downstairs) and now, the cereal is…you guessed it…MUSH.


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