Dancing Eyes plays substitute

With Nathan away during his mother’s illness, I am reminded…repeatedly…of all the little things he does for me. Let me see if I can muster up a semi-complete list:


  • feeds the dogs
  • lets the dogs out first thing each morning and last thing at night
  • empties the dishwasher
  • takes out the trash
  • takes the trash to the curb on trash day
  • wakes me up each morning with a phone call
  • carries the dirty laundry down to the basement
  • carries the clean laundry back upstairs
  • refills the medicine boxes each week
  • smiles constantly


So in his absence, I have been suffering a bit…my coffee didn’t get made today, my medicine box has been empty for two days (I know, I need to take care of that), I have hauled the laundry down and up several times (my back is complaining as I write), I hate the sound of my snooze alarm, no one is here smiling at me no matter what, I have trash begging to go outside, and it is just easier to hand wash the dishes…I am a mess.

BUT, there are always those bright spots…Dancing Eyes has stepped up to fill in for his Papa. He has been baking for me…all sorts of make believe chocolate treats…and he has the sweetest method of delivery:

“Here’s your chocolate cake, Sweetheart!”


“Here’s some chocolate milk, Sweetheart!”


“Here’s your chocolate rapsberry cookies, Sweetheart!” (I know it is misspelled, but that is how he SAYS it.)


There are two constants in his deliveries: chocolate and sweetheart. And there also is great confirmation here of something so very important…even though this little love of mine does not have a relationship with his earthly father, he is learning the lessons of how to show love to a wife via his wonderful Papa. He is trying to be like his Papa, and that Papa is trying to be like Jesus. What a wonderful way to teach a child how to be a godly man!

So, as much as I miss my husband, in a way he is still right here, and I get to enjoy a few more special deliveries from Dancing Eyes.


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