Sweet Boy…now he’s SIX

It is unbelievable that my first-born grandchild could be six years old today. But he is…those six years have been very full for my sweet little guy…his road has been a rocky one, and he is wise beyond his years in ways that most children aren’t. He has faced pain that many shouldn’t and never will, yet through that pain he has become a thoughtful and remarkably astute young child who looks at life differently than the average child. His perspective often drifts more to the eternal while maintaining that childish sweetness. At times, pain in his little heart is overwhelming for him and the rest of us, yet he finds comfort from Jesus and knows how much he is truly loved. Through this child, I came to understand my mother’s perspective on grandchildren. Truly they are the lace around the heart. Join me for a trip down memory lane…

Sean Cruz held by Nana for the first time

Papa's daily habits beginning early in the Word

Sean had some amazing hair

Our Christmas Elf

Mommy and Sean

Becoming a Rascal


Meeting the Ocean

Sean hits the road without his training wheels

on the road again...

Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet boy!