Gomer Pyle showed up today

Can’t you just hear him…”Surprise, surprise, surprise!” Well, when a city public works person comes to your door at 7:30 AM, it usually means that you are about to have a bad day. Or week, or month or even two months. Yes…imagine my surprise when I was told that not only are they replacing my curbs, but they are also digging out several feet of my driveway, and they don’t know how long it will be before they complete the work. AND after that, they are going to re-pave the road.

Ok, I really shouldn’t be complaining, but we live on a small circle, there is already limited parking, little people are constantly coming and going, and hauling said little people half-way around the circle to find parking is going to be a real pain. And not just for me. My parents will have no way into my house without risking falls into deep trenches or on the unevenness of the ground. And all the parents coming for drop offs and pick ups? Well, it is going to be a bit inconvenient, for all of us.

Yes, I know I am complaining. You have to understand, the last two summers they spent putting deep gouges in the road and then tarring them and putting some type of gravel on the roads. And the road still looked terrible and the gravel still runs down my driveway with the heavy rains. Just imagine what the snow plows do to roads like this? Honestly, I thought our curbs were just fine, so I am not sure why the need to replace them, and why replace only a few of the curbs when you are going to replace the whole street??? I am so confused. All I can remember, truly, is that it took me hours on my hands and knees cleaning the tar off my rugs and floors because it kept getting tracked into the house on the feet of EVERYBODY. Do YOU like to get on your hands and knees and scrub off glops of tar? I doubt it!

You say, just take the shoes off at the door? Right. And the little natives who live in bare feet all summer long…should they take off their feet at the door? BUT, I have a solution ready…I will keep the hose ready and some kind of super duper soap–and prior to entering my house, I will personally do a haz mat hose down before allowing anyone through my front door. Extreme? I really don’t think so.

So if I seem a little crabby to you some days, attribute it to 1) the incessant banging noises of the heavy machinery, 2) the awful smells associated with new asphalt, or 3) the fumes of solvents used to remove stains. Don’t even begin to blame it on hormones…I have none. Maybe a LACK of hormones…I will accept donations via transfusion. What’s your blood type? Shazam!!!


4 thoughts on “Gomer Pyle showed up today

  1. This is a pain in the butt, no doubt, and I think a little complaining is merited . . . Get it all out of your system and then ask our heavenly Father equipped to deal with such inconveniences to give you grace in which you’ll need to smile — and not with a glare, lol — at the men interrupting your sleep and filling the fresh, quiet air with noxious fumes and jack-hammering. On second thought, I’ll pray too!

    They are doing something similar — luckily it’s nowhere near my home — to the freeway by my gym. I have to go completely out of the way to get home every night. Makes me not want to go to the gym to be quite honest. Also, that darn sweet-sweeper, Gr! He comes every single Monday and blows leaves around. We have 5 people living in our home — all of whom drive vehicles. We actually have to leave in preparation for his visit. I suppose it’s life’s scourges that teach us patience and self-control, right? 🙂

    Happy Thursday, friend

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