My son-in-law is a new stay home dad–his insights are humorous, to say the least!


Here are the Top Ten resaons dads should stay home with the kids:

10-No one questions whether the mailman is the father

9-Might be the end of soap operas

8-Scientific research shows men are capable of breast feeding

7-No more “mamas boys”

6-Men have bigger hands and longer forearms which helps with multitasking while holding the baby

5-Fewer daytime home invasions

4-Men more often do household repairs

3-Children no longer have to live with the threat “wait till your father gets home”

2-Women are better at developing a strong bond with their children while maintaining a full-time job outside the home

1-Let’s face it, Women are obviously smarter and therefore capable of earning a higher income

Just a few thoughts I have come up with during all the “free time” I have now. The little guy and I haven’t done much lately, however his naps are getting a little bit…

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    • the one blog is from my son in law, but yes, i changed my design–the yellow flowers are from my garden last summer–i love the different textures and stages of the life of the flower. thank you and God bless you today!

    • he is so funny! a former police officer and big buster of a man–taking care of grandson Isaiah–makes me laugh–my daughter is a pediatrician, so he takes it all in stride pretty well

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