From the diaper to the heavens…what a trip

Today was a day that I could have just skipped. I think some knock out drops would have worked just fine. I know I wrote a post a few weeks ago about not being alone…today, I wish I HAD been alone! But I am sure there is a lesson to be had, somewhere, in this day.

What do you do when all the sweet ones turn into ornery, barely recognizable monsters in front of your very eyes??? I mean, just yesterday I was posting photos of the SWEET little ones that I LOVE…WHERE DID THEY GO????? And WHEN are they returning? It had better be in the morning when I wake up, because I just don’t have it in me for a repeat of today. And NO, there are NO PHOTOS. It was finger poopy paint day at Nana’s House today, with a lot of screaming and tantrums. The angels fell and they fell HARD. Tomorrow I am beginning construction of a new room at Nana’s House–the velcro wall with handcuffs and stocks for the miniature criminals. Extreme circumstances require extreme measures. I am bringing more ooompf to the EXTREME here.

So, if any of you can relate to the very bad, horrible, terrible, rotten day that I had…you have my utmost empathy. I think I may have to raise my rates…maybe I will price myself right out of the market! Hey, that’s an awesome idea! Hmmm, I must think about this a little bit more and see if I can develop a business plan out of this. As I said earlier, extreme circumstances require extreme measures!

Dancing Eyes with Nana

HOWEVER, as you all know by now from reading my blog, there almost always is a lesson of truth to be had. And today was no exception. In the midst of this awful day, I had to send Dancing Eyes to his bed for yelling “I hate you, Nana!” followed by him trying to spit at me. (I don’t know where my sweet love went, but the impostor was failing badly.) We had an amazing conversation about sin and Jesus dying on the cross before Dancing Eyes was released from his cell. I always try to bring the discipline around to how much I love the child and how Jesus had to pay for that sin. You know, toddlers LOVE that question WHY? And as Dancing Eyes and I continued to talk about why yelling unkind things is sin, and why spitting at people is sin…we talked about the fact that Jesus had to die on the cross to pay for Dancing Eyes’ sins.

“Why did He have to die?” asked Dancing Eyes.

“Because sin cannot be in Heaven where God is,” I replied.

“Why?” asked Dancing Eyes.

“Because God is holy and He can’t be around sin,” I answered. I knew what was coming next.

“Why?” asked Dancing Eyes.

“Because sin is very bad and God is very good and it is not allowed there,” I replied.

“But why did Jesus have to die because I spit at you?” he asked.

“Because that sin would keep you from going to Heaven, and only Jesus could pay for that sin and get you your ticket to Heaven, because Jesus never, ever did anything bad,” I tried to explain.

This went back and forth for about fifteen minutes. Dancing Eyes said, at one point, that he was glad Jesus bought his ticket to Heaven. I don’t think Dancing Eyes really understands yet, but he knows that sin is bad, that spitting at Nana is sin, that sin cannot be around God, and only Jesus could take care of buying the ticket to Heaven.

So while the day hit the bottom of the septic tank for me on many levels, it also soared into the heavenly realm for a little while. And that reminds me of WHY I do what I do…sharing the love of Jesus with these little loves around me, and seeing them take their baby steps of understanding toward a saving faith in Jesus Christ is what propels me into each day.

But I do pray that tomorrow will be better than today, on every level…there is a limit to what I can handle.


5 thoughts on “From the diaper to the heavens…what a trip

  1. Neat story! That’s really fantastic how you used your opportunity to talk to “Dancing Eyes” about Jesus, and thus ended the experience on a somewhat good note.

  2. That is getting the heart of the one that is disipline that is from God. We must tough love them but the most important is to tell them why, cause we love them and God loves them and we must show them His mercy and grace at the end of the lesson. Always in love. Good job Mom!

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