Will there be Mario Kart in Heaven, Nana?

always thinking

Sean has a way of getting straight to the point. There isn’t any of that hemming and hawing around. He just comes straight out with whatever it is that is going through his head. That can be a little bit disconcerting at times, but knowing how tender his young heart is, I am ever confident that he really has a solid question that needs addressing.

For quite some time, Sean has been very curious about Heaven and Hell. We received a journal from Emmaus Bible College  several months ago that featured an artists’ rendition of what Hell would look like. It was very “hellish”–fiery, lonely, NOT FUN. Sean asked a lot of questions about the magazine cover, and slept with it night after night. It seemed like it bothered him more NOT to have that scary looking magazine in bed with him. Several nights, we all had long conversations about Jesus dying on the cross, about sin, about being able to live with Jesus in Heaven.

Part of the reason Sean was so bothered by the idea of Hell was because a classmate (a KINDERGARTEN classmate) said he WANTED to go to Hell. He didn’t want to go to Heaven. This really upset my tender little guy. He would return to school and talk about Heaven, and Friend B would say he wanted to go to Hell. This went on for several weeks.

Meanwhile, at AWANA and Sunday School, Sean was learning more and more about how very much Jesus loved each one of us. He was able to move past the mere FEAR of going to Hell and reach for the LOVE being held out to him by a Savior who loved my little Sean enough to go to the cross. Understanding does not equal belief. We continue to water the seeds of life that are being planted and pray that each of the little lives God brings to us will take that step of faith alone in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross as full payment for sin. That will bring great joy to my heart, and the heavens will rejoice as well!

But Sean clearly has a new opinion about WHEN he will be ready for Heaven. He isn’t sure he wants to go right away if Mario Kart won’t be there, because Sean is all about Mario. And this old Nana’s response? God will have EVERYTHING we need to be happy in Heaven. 



4 thoughts on “Will there be Mario Kart in Heaven, Nana?

    • Sean is a very special little boy–my first grandson. He has epilepsy and has seen far too much for his age. God works in His ways, and in His timing. So much to be thankful for–especially my time with him.

  1. LOL…love Sean’s enthusiasm about Mario…we have one at our house who would feel much the same!

    Sounds like Sean has a great opportunity to impact his friend with the love of Christ. And AWANA does such a great job of teaching kids about God’s love and promises…he’ll be quoting verses to that friend in no time! In fact, I’m sure he already has 🙂

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