Springing Spring Splurging

You know they say “a picture is worth a thousand words.” So very true. They also say “talk’s cheap.” Also true. BUT, there are always the exceptions to the rules, aren’t there? At least there are in MY world.

After several days of misery battling asthma and allergy issues, today I decided to tough it out and head outside with the little ones to enjoy our unseasonably warm temps. Yes, early in March and it got up to 84° F today. It was just a little bit much for several of the cooler weather blooms, but those daffodils (which had failed to bloom the last two years) got sprung from their jackets today.

remnants of the night's rain couldn't dampen their beauty

head bowed...was mine?

lifting their heads toward the Son

While enjoying the beauty of the daffodils, I couldn’t help but hear the songbirds lifting their own voices. It felt so ALIVE outside…between the birds and the flowers and the bursting buds on the trees, it was just wonderful to be in the middle of it all.

This afternoon I saw my first purple finch of the Spring. Or rather, heard its song and then found it. The finch prompted my splurge…replacing the feeder that those raccoons had destroyed last Fall. If this little guy came to your tree, would you feed him?

purple finch...beautiful to see and hear

if only the photo captured his song

And then there are the Asian sparrows…the sparrows always remind me of God’s tender care for His children. For as He knows when a sparrow falls, He also knows me where I am. And in Him, I am safe. Sparrows are plentiful around my house. They make quite a ruckus flying around the deck to the feeder, hanging out in the bushes, and hopping on the creek bank. Their disguise protects them from predators…the kind we have all around.

he blends in so well with the dried leaves and brush


One thought on “Springing Spring Splurging

  1. Spring brings such a magical atmosphere with it. I can’t help but see the metaphors blooming (hee-hee) all around me. Plants anew and fresh, starting over for another long haul. I wouldn’t say Spring is my favorite month of the year, though it certainly holds a wonder I can appreciate.
    Like yourself, though, I have horrid, horrid allergies (I think this is what developed a deep aversion to camping and The Great Outdoors.) but enjoy being among nature — in small doses. Those Daffodils are just perfect, great shot! I hope it cools down a bit for you soon!

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