Riding without training wheels

Sean hits the road without his training wheels

Well, my little Sean has learned to ride his big boy two wheeler without training wheels today. It was a proud moment for my special one to show me his latest accomplishment. Such a special thing to see.

Just one year ago, he didn’t have enough mass in his scrawny little body to pedal the bike at all, even on a flat surface. He was so dejected, the bike stayed in the garage all summer, fall and winter. A few weeks ago, he started riding it a little more and discovered his legs were strong enough and long enough to make it go.

Now keep in mind that this child is unusually physically adept, able to do flips and cartwheels and all sorts of incredible moves that make me want to gasp and put him in a straight-jacket in a padded room! He had a broken elbow before the age of 4 that required surgery, has had numerous bumps and bruises from his acrobatics, but somehow comes out on top most of the time, so getting on the road, at least wearing his helmet (yay!!!) and taking off down the road was a pretty big deal.

As I watched him ride down the hill, dismount and figure out how to turn it around and walk it back up the hill, I thought about a parallel lesson. It is so easy to slide down the hill in life, too. If we head off the wrong way, that slippery slope can take us down pretty fast without realizing how far we have gone in the wrong direction. Getting up sometimes takes us awhile too. The mind may question:

“Where am I?”

“How did I get down here?”

“How do I get back up to the top?”

“Why did I allow myself to slip down into the muck?”

Fortunately, the first step is to TURN AROUND. Quit going in the wrong direction and take that first step in the right direction. For Sean, he will have to learn how to peddle that bike UP the hill too, not just go down the easy road. And then he will have to learn how to dust himself off after falling down and skinning his knees. Maybe he will cry and say he is done bike riding. Just like we might say that the Christian life is too hard for us too. But the way back is just one step, or just getting back on the bike and heading in the right direction.

I want to be like my Lord is: with my arms always stretched out to draw my loved ones into my arms and let them know that I know they can do it. That I love them no matter what, and more importantly, the God loves them more and so much better than I ever can.

Do you need to turn around? Is it your time to climb back on the bike? Do it! Turn around and press on toward the prize!


2 thoughts on “Riding without training wheels

  1. I love to hear stories about the triumph after failure. To me, the failure makes the success and joy felt by its achieving all the more sweeter. Your Sean is a wonderful reminder that we too need to persevere when the world seems to want to hold us down and back.

    Thank you for sharing your family with us once more!

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