Sibling Rivalry

Big Brother


Dancing Eyes

Well, it has happened. Sooner than I would have liked, but one of my grandchildren is now engaged to married. And it happened in typical style, two brothers fighting over a blonde haired, blue-eyed beauty. I fear someone is about to pay with his life over this lovely young thing.

Dancing Eyes apparently was the successful beau in that Miss Ella agreed to marry him. Sean, fighting the inevitable, pulled no punches in trying to dissuade the lovely Ella. Even throwing a doll at Dancing Eyes. Sean tried his hardest, pulling out every argument that he could–she’s too young, she should marry the older brother. At one point, Ella said maybe she wouldn’t marry either one of them, but she had declared her heart for Dancing Eyes…and Dancing Eyes was not going to be denied his prize.

Until mommy stepped in and threw a wrench in the works.

“You know, you will need to ask permission from her mommy and daddy before you can marry her…,” said Mommy.

“Ummm, I don’t know about that,” replied Dancing Eyes.

So now, I think I may just have a little more time with my Dancing Eyes and big brother Sean before some little blonde takes one of them away for good. At least, I sure hope I do because this Nana is not ready to share either one of them with any cute little female.


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