I am not alone

While it doesn’t happen very often, there are days when I feel that, although in a crowd of bodies, I am still alone. Kind of like being invisible when you really just want to be SEEN. Or heard. It isn’t that my house is so full that I can’t be heard, but there are times when it seems like what I am trying to say is not translating into words, or the feelings that I am expressing just don’t quite carry through. I do realize that I may be the only person in the world to feel this way…HA!

But during those periods of seeming invisibility, I just wish I would embrace them and truly withdraw. You know, get to a truly quiet place and allow the Lord Himself to minister to me. Those are missed opportunities to be silent and open to the Lord and hear HIS voice instead of needing my voice to be heard. I fail to use those periods of silence for my own good…and in turn, the good of those around me.

Even Jesus drew away from the crowds to spend time alone with the Father. That all important communion. Why is it so easy for me to give that time away or substitute it for something so much less important and satisfying? Again, my humanity fails–I fail. BUT, how awesome to be reminded of God’s great mercy, of His forgiveness that is readily available, His message of grace and peace. That the burdens I keep trying to carry do not need my shoulders–I can relinquish those burdens to the One who fully and gently lifts them away from my striving self. For that, I am ever grateful. Hallelujah!




3 thoughts on “I am not alone

  1. Praise God! We’re getting too old to carry the burdens anyway! 🙂 I like handing everything to God — He is truly a great master.
    Great Post & God Bless You!

    • It is amazing how old one can be, yet continue to learn those simple lessons of faith and trust, surrender and abandon. We truly do have an AWESOME Lord–so worthy!

  2. I thought this paralleled very nicely with my post from yesterday, It seems were both resting in a introspective place. I found myself smiling as you spoke about “truly” drawing away. One of my favorite passages in the bible is the night of Jesus’ arrest, and as He leaves his disciples asleep in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus draws away to spend time with the Father. If the Savior of this word needed some true alone time, what on Earth makes us think we don’t need it! And it is that communion that we find His Mercy and Love, ready and waiting to cover us in His holiness.

    Great post, as always.


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