I am a Leap Year Baby…well, not baby anymore but…

Today is my birthday. That sounds like Vida’s Dora Doll singing: “Today is your birthday, hoy es tu cumpleaños!” And this year, it actually IS on the 29th.

So much of my life has been in that limbo land of what-day-do-you-celebrate? No, not the 28th, I was born on the 29th. No, not the 1st, I was born in FEBRUARY not MARCH. When Nathan and I were first dating, my birthday failed to come. I was far away from home, missed the phone call from my parents, and had this crazy boyfriend who decided I didn’t have a birthday at all. His compromise was to combine the hours of the 28th and the 1st, divide by 3 and give me the middle third of the hours for my “fake birthday”. Let’s just say he learned a very painful lesson about how NOT to celebrate my birthday on the off years. Because of his “creativity”, we started taking BOTH days in their ENTIRETY for my day…the calendar already shorts my birthdays, don’t dare try to do even more chopping with my UN-DAY!

So today, depending on how you choose to calculate it, I am turning 13. I decided that, now that I have entered the teen years, it’s probably time to perfect each new age. Apparently it takes me longer to get my lessons learned at each age, and that is probably the reason God decided to pop me into the world on this odd date. Those of you who know me are probably a little bit afraid. I have a lot more confidence this time around, and experience. But there are so many things I wanted to try or learn or do when I was sort of 13 that I didn’t do, so…..

I gave Nathan my selfish wish-list: a really good camera and a photography class so I can learn how to use all the parts of my camera. I find that…(oops–my 120 lb dog just climbed into my lap for some love)…while there are so many things I enjoy–like sewing–but I don’t really have time to do it anymore the way I would like, and with so many little bodies all around, it isn’t really the safest way for me to pass the time. A camera–small in size, big in potential.

I guess in a sense I would like to be a camera–capturing images of life and revealing a facet of its beauty. Sometimes in the most insignificant or unexpected ways. So, Nathan, that Canon EOS Rebel T2i would be just great! Feel free to surprise me.


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