I hate pacifiers, binkies, nukies, whatever…

 I have a hate-hate relationship with pacifiers. As a professional Nana for little guys, as well as watching my grandchildren, I have come to totally, and without reservation, hate pacifiers. Those things are nothing but nuisances. Unless, of course, you want your child to get quiet because you can’t sleep at night…

One of the little ones that I watch each day has become so dependent on his binky that it has to be a particular brand and size or we all go nuts. Let’s just say that we have all gone nuts today. And this Nana feels more like a ground up nut than a whole one at that after enduring the last two nap times without said binky.

Cadance, little dancing eyes grandson of mine, had (still sort of has) a thing for “lovies”–you know, those little blankets with a cute animal head attached to it? He loved his lovies so much that he was known to sleep with FIVE of them arranged around his head on his pillow. (Lest you are gasping, he was 3 years old, not an infant, so it was safe!) And the one he held, well of course it was the silkiest and softest one of the bunch. The others were arranged in a particular order and without all of them in place, he just couldn’t get comfortable.

Vida, curly head crazy granddaughter of mine, is apparently permanently attached to her thumb and the longest curl she can wrap her other fingers around. She made it all the way through weaning from her bottle without the need for her thumb or a pacifier only to pick up the “it used to be cute” habit of thumb-sucking from another cherub in my charge. Great! Now we have a thumb with cracked skin–and if you try to put ointment on it, one must be sure it is safe to be ingested, because she will lick it off.

As I work through my annoyance with pacifiers and other such comforts for little creatures, I must be honest and admit that I have my own comforts that make me feel safe, calm and secure. For example, I only like MY pillow. When I travel, it gets a free ride. I like to sit facing the door…no matter where I am. But I guess the most important security feature I have is the one that assures my final destination–that is my salvation.

I John 5:13
(Phillips translation)
I have written like this
to you who already believe
in the name of God’s Son
so that you may be quite sure that,
here and now, you possess eternal life.

Wow–I remember learning that verse as a child and holding onto it–for as sure as the night came, so did my doubts. That verse gave me something concrete, certain and sure–my future was, and remains, secure. It was secured for eternity at the cross. Now that is a pacifier you can NEVER LOSE!


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