I Fail

Ye Call Me by Geoffrey O’ Hara

Ye call me the “Way” and walk me not.
Ye call me the “Life” and live me not.
Ye call me “Master” and obey me not.
If I condemn thee, blame me not.

Ye call me “Bread” and eat me not.
Ye call me “Truth” and believe me not.
Ye call me “Lord” and serve me not.
If I condemn thee, blame me not.

Is this the reality of your life? I only ask because I find that too often it is true of my reality. To KNOW something yet to fail so utterly in fulfilling it completely. To claim to live by faith, yet be without hope. To claim an intimate relationship with the Savior of the world, yet be filled with anxious thoughts and the “I have to figure this out myself” approach to problems. My daily life continues to be one of warring worlds: my human world at war with my eternal, spiritual world. It is the unfortunate consequence of a life STILL becoming that perfect (complete/mature) and entirely submitted life. I am tired of the battle; I yearn for the ultimate fulfillment of rest—and that rest being the perfect rest of Hebrews, in the arms of my Lord.

Some days are so glorious in their upwardly heavenly thoughts and reminders, yet other days are so firmly planted here on the earth by the sin-gravity that weighs me down. Oh Lord, release me from my weakness and strengthen me by Your word. Continue to completion the work You have begun in me—may I become more useful, less temporal. My innermost desire is to be found faithfully abiding in You, pleasing in Your sight, my life a fragrant perfume. Continue to chip away at those things in my life that hinder my walk.


4 thoughts on “I Fail

  1. I read this last night and was instantly humbled and convicted — both necessary. In so many ways I feel I’ve lost focus, started wanted and relying on the things that were never supposed to be more than a fleeting whim. I attempt to make this world my home when nothing could be further from the Truth.

    This was a lovely outpouring, and I thank you for sharing it with us. I will let you prayer at the end be mine as well.


    • it is so true, isn’t it? that poem was read during our sermon on sunday–very convicting–got me thinking more and more. i always look forward to your comments–deep thinker:)

  2. Something that struck me deeply that Jesus said:

    ONE THING IS NEEDED (or necessary or needful depending on translation)

    And it is only said once in the New Testament.

    I believe Him, it changed my life figuring that out.

    Hearing His Word and spending time with Him, is the one thing that is needed.

    If we do that, all else will follow. Our faith will grow, our desires will change, our sins will be cleansed (as we hide His Word in our heart and also as we grow in His knowledge we become more repentant-Rom 2:4)

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