Dancing Eyes

Of my four grandchildren, three have very dark brown eyes and one has blue eyes. When I say very dark, I mean it is difficult to see the pupils. It does make for a challenge when checking for a concussion, and given how many times these three brown eyed beauties decide to jump from increasingly greater heights, or tear down the driveway with breakneck speed, concussion potential runs high around here. (Let me just add that we have a tremendous slope from the street toward the creek, and the kids find ever new ways of utilizing that slope and increasing my risk of heart attack every day.)

Sean has been the cautious dare-devil, surfing down the driveway on Tonka trucks and anything else he can squeeze his little body on, in or over. Cadance…well let’s just say he is more fearless than his brother.

Cadance is named for music and rhythm and dance. Superman and I can tell who is walking across the floor upstairs just by the foot steps. Sean walks with a heavier step and very purposeful. Vida races–a fast run wherever she is going. And Cadance sounds like Tigger–bouncing down the hall. Talk about a spring in his step…I think Cadance was the inspiration for the phrase.

As an infant, Cadance was like a tightly wound spring. We were concerned because he seemed to be in a constant state of physical tension. But as he learned to crawl and walk, we realized he was just preparing to bounce and jump and dance. All three of my black-eyed Susans and Stevens walked well before age 1, and truthfully, they were almost running by their first birthdays. So Cadance was just keeping up with genetics.

But Cadance has dancing eyes. Sean is more serious, Vida more crazy…Cadance’s eyes just sparkle and dance. He sees delight in everything. He loves music and movement…and he has some smooth moves. Where Sean is more artistic and creative with paper and markers, tape and recycling bins…Cadance can move to any kind of music and have it make sense. He is funny and bubbles with silly humor. Cadance is the one who initiated the “toes in the papa belt hang on the back” maneuver, and one night actually fell asleep on Papa’s back while he was bent over laying tile on the basement floor.These little loves each have a special place in this Nana’s heart. Not because of eyes, or athleticism or artistry, but because God has entrusted them to us to love and guide. The opportunities to minister to the very souls of these children is a precious gift. We pray that we might be faithful in leading them to the Lord and letting the Lord Jesus shine through their lives.

Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world.
Red, brown, yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight.
Jesus loves the little children of the world.


3 thoughts on “Dancing Eyes

  1. Great post. I love hearing your heart about children.
    This last picture of you Cadance is precious. That light and sparkle you imply is absolutely visible to me. This child is FULL of life. 🙂

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